December 16 2018

Exhibition Jean Thomassen

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  • 28 x Rembrandt

    From August 13 to October 13 is in Museum Slager to see a unique exhibition of the works of Jean Thomassen. In 2016, the year of Jeroen Bosch, Jean Thomassen's triptych Last Judgment Day attracted a great deal of attention. So much so that the board of Museum Slager decided to organize a large retrospective exhibition. This is a unique event, because since earlier museum exhibitions in Museum het Markiezenhof (1995) and the Westfries Museum in Hoorn (2000 and 2001) this was no longer possible. A small group of collectors own almost all of his work and a large part is abroad. Museum Slager managed to get the most important pieces to Den Bosch and it is probably the only and last time that one can admire these works together.
    Thomassen was born in The Hague (1949). He had a lonely childhood, got cancer as a child and was in hospital for six months. Playing outside was taboo for a long time. In 1959 his mother took him to the Mauritshuis in The Hague and he seemed struck by lightning when he saw the works of 17th-century fine painters. He wanted to be able to do that, paint like that, but then his own world. After school, nobody turned out to be interested in realistic art and everything had to be abstract. The well-known, former ballerina, film star and actress Ine Veen was the first to recognize his unique talent in 1973. She gave Jean Thomassen the opportunity to prove himself. Thanks to her foresight, he is now the foremost exponent of absurd realism, with works of art that have won many international awards. They are rarely seen in the Netherlands. So from August. In Museum Slager!

    The opening of this exhibition is op Sunday 11 August at 16 p.m. The opening will be performed by Henk van der Meyden.

    Medusa Van Veen

    Ine veen

    Below a video from YouTube entitled “The absurd world of Jean Thomassen”

    There has also been a very informative interview with Jean Thomassen on the radio. Click here to listen to this radio broadcast.