13 July 2019

Redesigned exhibition of works by the Slager family

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  • Location: Museum Slager
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  • Attention: The dates are subject to Corona developments and guidelines

    Redesigning Museum Slager . Around 25 October 2020 reopening of the permanent exhibition of works by the Slager family.

    From 6 to 24 October , a lot of hard work was put into redesigning the permanent exhibition of the Slager family's works . The title of this re-orgaization is "Step into the world of the Slager family".

    During this re-organization, many of the works that are now in the depot will be restored and / or cleaned, whereafter they will be displayed in the permanent exhibition about the life and work of the Slager family. In addition to this more or less permanent exhibition, works from the depot will also be alternately on show ..