13 July 2019

Exhibition Jelmer Wijma

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  • Location: Museum Slager
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    From January 21 to July 5, 2020 is in Museum Slager the exhibition Reflections van Jelmer Wijma. Jelmer Wijma, whose work is compared to that of Tjalf Sparnaay, draws and paints from his primary school days. In 2010 he moved from Sneek to Vught. He previously had exhibitions in 'De Speeldoos' and the Lambertuskerk in Vught.

    Jelmer Wijma in his studio in 's-Hertogenbosch with a painting' in the making '

    The paintings of Jelmer Wijma stimulate and require attention. He gets subjects directly from daily life. Walking through the street, from the candy store or at the bakery. Realism is the term that first comes to mind when you see his paintings. On closer inspection they are true search pictures. The front of a car? Then look at the figures in the bumper. And what's on the dashboard? The paintings of Jelmer Wijma require your attention. He plays with 'near and far', exactly when you see the overall picture, playful when you zoom in on details close by. Take the time for a painting and you will be surprised and discover many layers, transience, wear, traces and quivers.
    The exhibition shows a large number of works from the period 2010-2020. Jelmer Wijma also made new works, including the painting 'Artichokes', the making process of which will be shown in a museum film by Ivo van Dijk. And a large number of collectors made his works available.

    Jelmer Wijma will be present to provide information about his paintings. This with the exception of June 25 and 28. A children's treasure hunt was also organized around and in the exhibition by Jelmer Wijma. This is a varied treasure hunt, which asks children to take a good look at the paintings and to use their imaginations.