Lecture Hieronymus Bosch by drs. Birgitte Mommers

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Lecture Hieronymus Bosch by drs. Birgitte Mommers

On Wednesday, August 3, 2022 from 9.30-11.30 am will in museum Slager by drs. Birgitte Mommers of Art and Leisure will again be given a lecture following the temporary exhibition 'With thanks to Jheronimus' by gallery Lieve Hemel from Amsterdam.

 Knives with ears, and people in strawberries. There is only one artist who has such a rich imagination, and that is Jheronimus Bosch. He populated his paintings with wonderful creatures, angels and devils, significant animals, and people engaged in often strange activities. It makes his paintings loved and famous worldwide to this day. Do you also enjoy the fantastic visual language of Jheronimus Bosch, and are you curious in which context they were created? Or do you want to discover which symbolism is hidden in his works? Then you should not miss this lecture. So register now!

Jheronimus (Jeroen) Bosch was born about 1450 in the heart of 's Hertogenbosch as Jheronimus van Aken. He came from a real painter's nest: his father and some of his brothers, among others, were also artists. His work is inextricably linked to the city, where he continued to live all his life. His house, located on the Grote Markt, is already the first point of departure for the inspiration for his visual language.

Hieronymus Bosch made about 25 paintings, but there are also a large number of forgeries and copies of imitators in circulation. It testifies to the great popularity of his work. However, most of his authentic works cannot be found in the Netherlands. For example, would you like to enjoy his absolute masterpieces, such as the Garden of Earthly Delights† Then you will have to travel to the Prado in Madrid.

Step into the world of Hieronymus Bosch. In this lecture you will become acquainted with the symbolism in the peddler, and you will discover why or you encounter owls everywhere in his work. Of course we also travel extensively The Garden of Earthly Delights, his most famous work. Be amazed by all the details in his work and register now! Are you traveling through the fantastic world of Hieronymus Bosch?

The lecture is free for friends, museum card holders pay € 5 and for everyone else pay € 9,- pp You can register using the form below or send an email to secretariat @ museumslager.com

Triptych “Garden of Earthly Delights” by Jeronimus Bosch

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Aug 03 2022


09:30 - 11:30 CET


Friends: free, Museum card holders: € 5 and everyone else: € 9


Museum Slager
Museum Slager, 's-Hertogenbsoch


  • drs. Birgitte Mommers
    drs. Birgitte Mommers
    art historian

    Art is for everyone! That is the motto of art historian Birgitte Mommers. She sees it as her mission to let as many people as possible enjoy art in a relaxed, accessible way in the form of a guided tour or a lecture. And that is exactly what her company Art & Leisure stands for: art and relaxation.


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