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Exhibition Eveline van de Griend in the Brabants Dagblad on 7 February 2019

The following article was published on Thursday 7 February 2019 in the Brabants Dagblad.

Kaleidoscopic painting panorama in the spirit of Bosch

Visual arts Bossche globetrotter Eveline van de Griend returns to Den Bosch with a brand new series of paintings inspired by Jeroen ... Read more

Interview at Omroep Brabant with Eveline van de Griend

Omroep Brabant published a nice and extensive interview with Eveline van de Griend. About her work, the exhibition "Reincarnation of Hieronymus Bosch" and her choice for Museum Slager in Den Bosch. The interview can be read here at -of-Jeroen-Bosch

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Museum Slager with Jan Sluiters in the Brabants Dagblad

The following article was published on October 12, 2018 in the Brabants Dagblad.

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One hundred years of women's history in eleven shoes

One hundred years of women's history eleven shoes

Brabants Dagblad from 1 June 2018

Arno Heesakkers

Boxtel / Den Bosch

Look, education may offer equal opportunities for boys and girls, thanks to combative women who claimed their rights, but after that it goes ... Read more

Jan Asselbergs exhibition in the Brabants Dagblad

"Emotional, but Jan's work deserves to be seen"

Brabants Dagblad May 23, 2018

For the first time since his death on January 17, 2015, an exhibition has been set up with only work by artist Jan Asselbergs, who… Read more

Donations Slagers in Brabants Dagblad on March 13, 2018

Museum Slager very happy with donations The work of the well-known Bos- artistic family Slager is not only found in Mu- seum Slager, but also with some fanatic private collectors boot. One of those … Read more

Monique Broekman in Palet magazine from February 2018

Below the part from the magazine Palet number 393 from February / March 2018 that relates to the exhibition "In Dialogue" in Museum Slager from Monique Broekman.


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