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Donations Slagers in Brabants Dagblad on March 13, 2018

Museum Slager very happy with donations The work of the well-known Bos- artistic family Slager is not only found in Mu- seum Slager, but also with some fanatic private collectors boot. One of those … Read more

Monique Broekman in Palet magazine from February 2018

Below is the part of the magazine Palet number 393 of February / March 2018 that relates to the exhibition “In Dialoog” in Museum Slager from Monique Broekman.


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Contemporary portraits of Monique Broekman in the Brabants Dagblad

Contemporary portraits of Monique Broekman among old ones Slagers

DEN BOSCH - There are about twenty portraits on the floor of the studio of Monique Broekman (1967). They are residents of the villages of the municipality of Bernheze. Between 2010 and 2011 ... Read more

Overview exhibition Monique Broekman in Bossche Omroep and Stadsblad

Monique Broekman seeks dialogue in overview exhibition on Sun 28 Jan 2018, 9:06   

's-HERTOGENBOSCH - From February 4 to April 29 is in Museum Slager to see the exhibition 'In Dialoog' by the Bossche visual artist Monique Broekman. Like … Read more