25 July 2018

Eddy Stevens, Human Behavior from August 7 to September 23, 2018

Eddy Stevens (1965) can be counted as one of the most gifted fine painters of contemporary realism. Eddy's paintings can be described as a translation of his thoughts on the timeless feelings and behaviors of 'man'. A real artist is born as an artist. Eddy attended a drawing class at a very young age. The teacher who taught there was a surrealist artist. He saw that Eddy was more than usual interested in drawing and painting. This teacher introduced Eddy to his studio. A new world opened up for young Eddy. Eddy was born near Antwerp in Brasschaat. His first exhibition took place when he was only 16 years old. After high school he chose the Art Academy of Sint Niklaas. Teachers such as Guy Wauters and Sonya Roasalia Bauters guide him in refining his painting techniques and finding his own style. Today Eddy lives with his wife Sophie in a remote farm in the Walloon part of Belgium. In this environment Eddy finds the timeless atmosphere that brings him into contact with the essence of being human and is therefore the perfect place for the development of his paintings. From the solitude of his hometown, Eddy explores an unconscious fantasy world. He philosophizes about the unique contact between people and people, from person to person. Inspired by the traditional techniques of spatiality and light, illustrated by great masters such as Rembrandt and Titian, Eddy has developed a style that is both modern and timeless. Over the years, his work has become more profound and balanced. You can wonder about this exceptional art of being human during the exhibition “Human Behavior” from Tuesday 7 August to 23 September Museum Slager in 's-Hertogenbosch.