to April 7, 2019

Exhibition "A well-kept secret", cheerfully collected for 30 years

Exhibition: "A well-kept secret" 

30 years cheerfully collected

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The Dutch still life

from: The collection of Frank and Gudule Willekens


From April 14 to July 28, 2019

The collection
Frank & Gudule Willekens

Our collection of paintings is the result of a voyage of discovery in the art world, after the acquisition of a flower painting by Jan-Hein Kever, during the New Year in 1989 at the art dealership Borzo, still in 's-Hertogenbosch. Through the purchase of books, the visit to galleries, museums and auction houses and the resulting friendships with artists, gallery owners and museum staff, our interest in painting is increasing. Initially, the emphasis is on painters from the Larense and The Hague School. Over time, our interest shifts, fascinated by the works of Gerard and Cornelis van Spaendonck, in the direction of the flower still life. After 2000 we are further impressed by the broad scope of the Dutch Still Life. Fruit, vanitas, kitchen, banquet tobacco and trickster still lifes are purchased. Post-modern realism and hyperrealism are not skipped. From the 17th century, to Romanticism, from the new art of painting: Impressionism, followed by Cubism, Luminism and Dutch Expressionism, we end up with the moderns like Cobra and later with post-modernism, with the magical realists, the neo- and hyperrealists to just to name a few. Our search is not over yet. The exhibition takes the visitor on this journey, which can be fully enjoyed in the intimate and pleasant atmosphere of this historic Bossche Stadsmuseum Slager.