February 8 2019

Exhibition Eveline van de Griend in the Brabants Dagblad on 7 February 2019

The following article was published on Thursday 7 February 2019 in the Brabants Dagblad.

painting panorama in the spirit of Bosch

Visual arts Bossche globetrotter Eveline van de Griend returns to Den Bosch with a brand new series of paintings inspired by Jeroen Bosch.

Mark van de Voort

A reincarnation of Jheronimus Bosch? Not just that, but the artist from Den Bosch Eveline van de Griend (42) did an enormous job. Just like the medieval master, she fearlessly opts for a crazy fantasy world, absurd raids and winks at social abuses. 

For five years she worked painstakingly on a brand new series of twelve oil paintings. Meter-high canvases on which a kaleidoscopic panorama of objects, animals, people and incongruous situations passes by. This series of canvases is now shown integrally for the first time in Museum Slager Den Bosch, in combination with a number of related sculptures. Reincarnation of Hieronymus Bosch calls the exhibition nice and bold.

For Van de Griend, the exhibition is the final piece of an intensive working period. As a sculptor and draftsman it was a long time ago since she had picked up the brush. At the Bossche art academy she learned the intricacies of painting, but now it took some getting used to, she admits. ,, If you start working with oil paint, it sometimes takes years before it is completely correct. Painting with color and large format, that was pretty scary for me. These twelve canvases can ultimately win my approval. "

Rock and roll

The canvases hang on the walls with nails and without frame Museum Slager. Raw and a bit of rock 'n' roll that suits Van de Griend. As a child she grew up in Africa. As the 'only white child in school', she got to know the magical imagination world of the continent from an early age. An elusive dream world that you see in her canvases and in the sculptures. From that moment on, traveling is in the blood of Van de Griend. She currently lives and works from Berlin, but she likes to spend time in England, Russia or on the Kenyan island of Lamu.

Her sparkling canvas series expresses this globetrotter attitude. Jheronimus Bosch is the guideline. ,, His work inspired me to become an artist. There is always more than you can show. Bosch was a translator of his time, and you can taste the madness in his paintings. You dive into a story and always discover something new. I also pursued that, but then translated to this time. My view of the world, "says Van de Griend. ,, We live in a complex time. We are ruled by fear. I already notice this in Germany, where nationalism is on the rise. I pick up that vibe with my art. ”

That complexity is beautifully reflected in the overwhelming canvas Pictures from life's other side. A title taken from an album by singer-songwriter Johnny Dowd. On the canvas, the heads, bodies and magical objects tumble over each other. ,, A nod to the miscommunication between people and to the abundance that is served to us daily by social media. Our life is more and more a flood of images that flash by in a split second. ” Art full of symbolism that underlines her bond with non-Western art.


Occasionally there is more introspection and she paints charismatic figures like an African albino woman, or a shaman who travels like a Boschian pedlar. Van de Griend also portrays herself, as in the macabre Requiem for a harlequin in which she wears a death mask and is surrounded by ominous scenes.

Van de Griend is not a fine painter but an artist who touches the viewer in the stomach with a raw, direct tinge of play. Her painted figures and objects have the same sculptural and sensual effect as her images. She shows five large sculptures that also pop up on the canvases here and there. Frightened heads without a face that seem to carry all the worries of the world on their shabby shoulders. Enigmatic watchmen who only intensify Van de Griend's wonderful, ritual viewing game.

Eveline van de Griend: 'Reincarnation of Hieronymus Bosch', Museum Slager, Den Bosch, until 7 April

Eveline van de Griend: 'Pictures from life's other side'. Photo Matias N. Franco

Eveline van de Griend: 'Pictures from life's other side'. Photo Matias N. Franco © Matias N. Franco