Charities in 's-Hertogenbosch, worth your support!

's-Hertogenbosch is flourishing! Around 46.000 volunteers spend around 9,5 million hours making the city and its surrounding villages more pleasant, greener, cosier, more social, and more beautiful.

Approximately 750 neighborhood & district, nature & environment, art & culture and social & social organizations are committed to you, your parents, children, family, neighbors and acquaintances. They cannot do this alone. Your help and support is most welcome.

On the website  you will find an exclusive selection of organizations that deserve your appreciation and support. The selected charities meet strict criteria of reliability, efficiency, local involvement, continuity and (social) sustainability.

The charities are divided into the sectors: neighbourhood & district, art & culture, nature & environment and social . Museum Slager is included in this Charity Guide in the art & culture category. Maybe worth considering!