3 October 2019

Meet & Greet with Jean Thomassen on October 13, 2019

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Meet & Greet with Jean Thomassen to conclude the exhibition 'Genius or bonkers?' on Sunday, October 13

Jean Thomassen himself will be present on Sunday 13 October on the last day of his exhibition 'Geniaal or Knettergek'. During this 'finissage', the artist signs his books, is available for 'meet & greet' and closes this unique exhibition. In the future, his paintings will no longer be shown in one exhibition.

Art critics and journalists strongly disagree about Thomassen's absurdist realistic paintings: is he genius or crazy? The fact is that his work, when it is on display, attracts many visitors. And that was also the case now. The exhibition is very busy with a peak day on Saturday 14 September when 650 people Museum Slager visited.

The exhibition is a unique event. A small group of collectors own almost all of his work and a large part is abroad. Museum Slager managed to get the most important pieces to Den Bosch. According to the artist, October 13 is definitely the last day that his paintings can be seen in one exhibition. In the future, collectors will no longer lend their works for one exhibition.

“A painting by Jean Thomassen is so much more than a beautiful vase. It can shock you, it sometimes grabs you by the throat. These paintings require your attention. Take the time to discover so many secrets. It is not for nothing that his paintings are compared with those of Jeroen Bosch, ”says Henk van der Meijden at the opening of the exhibition in August. An opinion that many visitors share, according to the guestbook of the museum and the 'Top of flop' section of 5 September in the Brabants Dagblad: "Thomassen has an unrestrained fantasy" and "His technique is sublime".

Museum Slager, Choorstraat 8, 5211 KZ 's-Hertogenbosch;

Opened Tuesday through Friday from 11:00 AM to 17:00 PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 PM to 17:00 PM.


Admission € 8,50, including a cup of coffee / tea

Children up to 12 years free; Children from 13-18 years € 3,50

Museum card and Icom card: free

Jean Thomassen in Museum Slager on September 14

Jean Thomassen in Museum Slager on September 14


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