May 20th 2020

Museum Slager open again, with Jelmer Wijma and treasure hunt

                                   Press release


As of Thursday June 4 Museum Slager in 's-Hertogenbosch open again. For the time being, visits are possible on Thursdays, from 11.00 a.m. to 16.00 p.m., and on Sundays from 13.00 p.m. to 17.00 p.m. Visitors can then enjoy the permanent collection of the eight artists from the family Slager and the popular exhibition 'Reflections' by Jelmer Wijma. The aim is to be open more days from 1 July.

In accordance with the guidelines of the Museum Association, visitors must register in advance. You can do this via the website: or by telephone via number 073-6133216. The museum is one-way traffic. The entrance is in Choorstraat. On average, 25 visitors can be present in the museum at the same time. In the period that Museum Slager was closed, hard work has been done and various museum halls have been given a new color. A new audio tour is also available in June.

The popular exhibition 'Reflections' by Jelmer Wijma has been extended until Sunday July 5. Jelmer Wijma will be present on Thursdays and Sundays to provide information about his paintings. This with the exception of June 25 and 28. A children's treasure hunt was also organized around and in the exhibition by Jelmer Wijma. This is a varied treasure hunt, which asks children to take a good look at the paintings and use their imaginations.

Jelmer Wijma takes the inspiration for his paintings from everyday life. Nature, street scenes, teapots, buildings, portraits, doors and many other objects can be seen. His work seems super realistic, but on closer inspection they are true search pictures. The front of a car? Then look at the figures in the bumper. And what is on the dashboard? Take the time for a painting and you will be surprised and discover many layers, transience, wear, marks and quips.

Jelmer Wijma's exhibition was well attended before the Corona closure and received positive reactions. In these reactions, visitors often discussed the interplay between the exhibition 'Reflections' and the permanent collection of the artists Slager: “The temporary exhibition 'Reflections' by Jelmer Wijma is fascinating to see next to the permanent collection of the family Slager".

Museum Slager, Choorstraat 8, 5211 KZ 's-Hertogenbosch;

Open Thursdays from 11.00am to 16.00pm, and Sundays from 13.00pm to 17.00pm.

ACCESS PRICES: Entrance € 8,50, including cup of coffee / tea; Children under 12 free; Children aged 13-18 years € 3,50; Museum card and Icom card: free

Jelmer Wijma. Insight through view. 2012

Jelmer Wijma in his studio







From the series "doors":

Jelmer Wijma. Rouen 1

Jelmer Wijma, Goethehuis


Jelmer Wijma, Goethehuis


Jelmer Wijma; Peperstraat

Jelmer Wijma; Marktstraat