“No Christmas without Santons” – fascinating presentation Ingrid van Leeuwen about a famous French Christmas tradition

On the way to Christmas, Ingrid van Leeuwen will give a presentation about the […]

Lecture by Carla van Bree about Gustav Klimt and contemporaries on November 1, 2022

From October 7, 2022 to January 8, 2023, the exhibition "Golden boy Gustav Klimt: [...]

Lecture by Carla van Bree about Suze Robertson on October 4, 2022

This lecture by Carla van Bree is about Suze Robertson and her work as it is exhibited in Panorama [...]

Piet Slager concert on July 23 and September 3

Lecture Jheronimus Bosch by drs. Birgitte Mommers on August 3, 2022

Meet & Greet with Joris Gaymans on May 15, June 12 and July 3

Play the Dice game, also fun for adults

New at Museum Slager, the Dice Game! For all visitors, of all ages, Museum Slager free dice game for during […]

Lecture about Aelbert Cuyp and his influence on British art on November 10, 2021

Frank van Driel exhibits with 'The Art of Perception' Museum Slager 'The Art of Perception'

           Press release November 21, 2021 – February 20, 2022: Frank van Driel exhibits layered photorealism in Museum Slager [...]