Corry Slager


's-Hertogenbosch 1883 - 1927 Magelang, Indonesia.
Corry, like her sister Jeannette, had a preference for flowers, but she specialized in watercolor technique. In 1911 Corry was admitted as a working member to the Haagse Kunstkring. Corry's watercolor technique and special use of color was often praised as superior. She made a large number of delicately composed flower still lifes.

In painting and drawing Corry Slager had lessons from her father and brother Piet. But brother Frans also played a role in her education.

Her work was also purchased by Queen Emma. Her departure in 1916 with her husband Ir. Van Dam to the Dutch East Indies provided her with a successful Indian genre, such as Wayang Golek scenes and market scenes. She died there at a young age.