P.M. Slager

's-Hertogenbosch 1841 - 1912' s-Hertogenbosch. The versatile painter Petrus Marinus Slager in the course of the nineteenth century specialized in the portrait genre of which he was an important representative of Brabant in his time. His portrait of the 'Old warriors' of the battle of Waterloo is a clever group portrait, but also a historical document.

For forty years Petrus Marinus was connected to the "Royal School" in 's-Hertogenbosch (predecessor to the present-day Academy of Arts). Antoon Derkinderen, Pieter Josselin de Jong, Jan Sluyters, Herman Moerkerk and Jan and Theo van Delft were among his pupils. Moreover, he gave lessons to his children Piet, Frans, Jeannette and Corry.

Thijs van de Griendt wrote a piece about it P.M. Slager in Brabantia from May 1973. Read article ...