Tears Slager - Velsen


Oostburg 1883 - 1964 's-Hertogenbosch.
Suze Velsen has always been strongly inspired by the landscape and nature surrounding ​​'s-Hertogenbosch. This resulted in vivid paintings of landscapes, farmhouses and interiors. We meet up with Suze in various beautiful portraits made by her husband..


Suze had a predilection for painting landscapes and was very attracted to the Hague School. She gained international fame through her participation in an exhibition in San Francisco.

Suze Velsen came to know Piet Slager during the private lessons she got from him. She qualified in the art of etching in Zwolle by the graphic artist Dirk Harting (1884-1970). After completing the course she settled down in 's-Hertogenbosch in 1916 and married her former teacher Piet Slager. They had one daughter, Suze, later the foundress of Museum Slager.


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