Weltevreden, Indonesia 1918-1994 Petaluma, United States.

Tom is Hein's son Slager (not painting), and a grandchild of one P.M. Slager and Carel Cordes, both gifted painters from Bossche. Tom distinguished himself from his family because the art of the twentieth century has put more of a stamp on his work. He also sought his inspiration abroad. He has worked in Southern France, Italy, Spain and California, among others. His later paintings show a bright and colorful use of color with great contrasts between light and dark. Impressionist style can be recognized in his work, mainly landscapes. His favorites were the forest lake 'De IJzeren Man' in Vught and Mediterranean landscapes.

Tom_SlagerTom was born in Weltevreden (former Dutch Indies). He represented the third generation of painters. He had a strong interest in the landscape in common with his older family members.