Piet Slager


's-Hertogenbosch 1871 - 1938 's-Hertogenbosch. The eldest son of Petrus Marinus. Piet Slager was a gifted painter of landscapes and, like his father, an exceptionally talented portrait-painter. His work shows the early influence of impressionism as can be seen from his cityscapes and landscapes.

Piet Slagerpiet slagerPiet Slager was connected to the "Royal School" at 's-Hertogenbosch for almost forty years. He gave lessons to Noud Paashuis, Marius de Leeuw, Charles Grips and Jan van den Thillart among others. His sisters Jeannette and Corry and his wife Suze Velsen also got lessons from him.

The museum archive contains a very short article by Huib Luns from the magazine “Arts and Letters” of November 11, 1931. Huib Luns wrote this on the occasion of the 60e birthday of Piet Slager. Huib and Piet knew each other well. In Huib's words: they were “colleagues”. Huib Luns headed the Royal School of Art, Technology and Craft in 's-Hertogenbosch for five years, where Piet Slager was a senior lecturer. This article gives an idea of ​​how people viewed this “excellent portrait painter” in the 30s Piet Slager. The article is shown below.