May 23th 2018

Jan Asselbergs exhibition in the Brabants Dagblad

Christel Asselbergs arranged the exhibition about her husband Jan himself. PHOTO ROY LAZET

'Emotional, but Jan's work deserves to be seen'

Brabants Dagblad May 23, 2018

For the first time since his death on January 17, 2015, an exhibition has been set up with only work by artist Jan Asselbergs, who lived a large part of his life in Waspik.


Marcel Donks

Waspik / Den Bosch


The exhibition about Asselbergs in Museum Slager in Den Bosch offers 'a small selection of great work', carefully compiled by Jan's wife Christel Asselbergs-van de Ven. The death of her husband in 2015 came as a big blow to Christel. After a short illness, the artist died at the age of 77. “We had a wonderful life that was far from finished. We met in 1978 when he was my drawing teacher at the St. Pauluslyceum in Tilburg. It was love at first sight. Jan was the artist and I his muse who always accompanied him and arranged everything for him as his right hand. We were a unit that was constantly looking for new things, adventure. Our life has never been boring. ” You can also see this quest in Asselbergs' work. It is the large portraits that made him famous, but focusing only on them would do the versatile artist short. He also produced a variety of drawings, sketches, sculptures and even musical pieces. “Jan was very disciplined. He felt that he owed it to his talent to perform as well as Jan Asselbergs must live on for generations to come. He saw it as a great honor that he was asked by distinguished people to portray them or their loved ones: '' The first year after Jan's death, Christel retired to shelter. The grief was too great to do anything with his legacy. Then, however, they got through Museum Slager was approached in Den Bosch to organize an exhibition devoted to Jan's work, she thought the time was right. “I self-curated the exhibition. With the help of friends I am inventorying Jan's legacy. I was present at the realization of almost all those works, so to have them back in my hands now is quite intense. On the other hand, Jan's work deserves to be seen.

The exhibition can be seen until July 29 in Museum Slager in Den Bosch.

Jan Asselbergs has to live on for generations
- Christel Asselbergs-van de Ven