26 September 2020

From October 25: STEP INTO THE WORLD OF THE FAMILY SLAGER in Museum Slager 's-Hertogenbosch

                    Press release


From October 25 the whole museum Slager redecorated with the title: STEP INTO THE WORLD OF THE FAMILY SLAGER. The completely new interior shows known and unknown works by the eight artists Slager. Paintings and drawings of city and village scenes, portraits, nature and still lifes. Works by four men and four women, from founder Petrus Marinus, born in 1841, to his grandchild Tom, who died in 1994. The works are of high quality, sometimes stately, often intimate. They offer a nice insight into their lives and a picture of a century and a half of development in painting from academic and classicism to (neo) -impressionism.

The painters of the family Slager were enterprising people. They traveled a lot, loved 's-Hertogenbosch and, in addition to their artistic works, made many other contributions to the development of the city and surrounding villages and surroundings. For example, for decades, Petrus Marinus was a teacher at the KS, the Royal School for Useful and Visual Arts, which later became the art academy. Piet succeeded his father and started the first art education for girls and women. Frans was co-founder of the Brabants Landschap foundation. Jeannette, Corry, Suze, Marie and Tom were also active in organizations and associations.

For the exhibition STAP IN THE WORLD BAN DE FAMILY SLAGER the museum has been thoroughly refurbished. All rooms are painted. New sustainable climate measures have been taken. The preparation of a new audio tour and new film about the family Slager Are in full swing.

Museum Slager is there for all ages. The museum takes part in Museumkids campaigns and has a children's studio, where children can draw their own portrait. There is also a children's treasure hunt that asks children to look carefully at paintings and to use their imaginations.

Museum Slager is a unique museum in the center of 's-Hertogenbosch, near the St. Jans cathedral. You imagine yourself in a different time. Free coffee or tea is provided at the end of your visit. In short: the entire museum has been refurbished and refurbished for the STEP INTO THE WORLD OF THE FAMILY exhibition SLAGER. We hope to meet you there!

Museum Slager, Choorstraat 8, 5211 KZ 's-Hertogenbosch;

Opening hours and reservations (desired): see the website

ACCESS PRICES: Entrance € 8,50; Children up to 12 years free; Children aged 13-18 years € 3,50; Museumkaart and Icomkaart: free

Marie Slagervan Gilse; Portrait of Frans Slager (1876-1953)


Piet Slager. Daughter Suze with the portraits of grandmother and grandfather. 1933

P.M. Slager. The red cap. ca 1872